branding &
corporate design

branding for praxis knotenpunkt

where body meets spirit

at praxis knotenpunkt you get a professional level massage program individually for you. but your spiritual needs are not set behind. for complete effeciancy and muscle relaxation, it always helps to lit a candle and put on a citrus scent.

branding for monsieur hung

all about bauhaus

monsieur hung is the place to be. small secret club in the cellar of porto di ferro, it focuses on forbidden pleasures of the night. you don’t stumble about this location – you are exlusively invited there. mostly offering own drink creations, small meals are also available.

branding for porta di ferro

wiener kaffeehaus & grazer memorial

porta di ferro has been around for quite some time now. and as it happens, with a new owner comes new ideas – and a new design. combining wiener kaffeehaus style with old roots from the bars past, here is what happened

logo redesign for karolido distillery

small distillery – big meaning

at karolido distillery, timeless spirit design meets modern standards. high quality liquors distilled and refined with local herbs, elevated into a metaphysical world. made for pure pleasure and connecting people.